Create project

Install Node.js

ThinkJS is a Node.js MVC framework, it requires Node.js before you run it. You can install Node.js by go to to download the lastest installation.

After installation, type node -v in your terminal. If it outputs version number, it installs success.

ThinkJS requires the version of Node.js >=0.12.0, if your version lower than it, you need update your Node.js, or you can't start the service. we recommend use Node.js 4.2.1.

Install ThinkJS

Install ThinkJS by following command:

npm install thinkjs@2 -g --verbose

After installation, run thinkjs --version or thinkjs -V to check version number.

Tips: If you have installed ThinkJS 1.x before, you need remove it by npm uninstall -g thinkjs-cmd first of all.

Update ThinkJS

Update ThinkJS globally by run the following command:

npm install -g thinkjs@2

Update ThinkJS in you current project by run the following command:

npm install thinkjs@2

User thinkjs command to create Project

After installation, you can create a new ThinkJS project by run the following command:

thinkjs new project_path; #project_path is the path you want store your project

If you want to use ES6 features in the development, you may want to create the ES6 mode project by use following command:

thinkjs new project_path --es; #project_path is the path you want store your project

If the output is like the following, that means you have created the project successfully:

  create : demo/
  create : demo/package.json
  create : demo/.thinkjsrc
  create : demo/nginx.conf
  create : demo/
  create : demo/www/
  create : demo/www/index.js
  create : demo/app
  create : demo/app/common/runtime
  create : demo/app/common/config
  create : demo/app/common/config/config.js
  create : demo/app/common/config/view.js
  create : demo/app/common/config/db.js
  create : demo/app/home/logic
  create : demo/app/home/logic/index.js
  create : demo/app/home/view
  create : demo/app/home/view/index_index.html

  enter path:
  $ cd demo/

  install dependencies:
  $ npm install

  run the app:
  $ npm start

For more details about creating project, go to extension function -> ThinkJS command.

Install dependencies

After project creation, go to the project directory and run npm install to install dependencies.

npm install

Compile Project

Since v2.0.6, ThinkJS has built-in the automatical compiling feature, so you don't need run npm run watch-compile for real time compile anymore. What you only need to do, is just start your service by run npm start.

Start Project

Run npm start, if terminal returns output like following, it means the service run success.

[2015-09-21 20:21:09] [THINK] Server running at
[2015-09-21 20:21:09] [THINK] ThinkJS Version: 2.0.0
[2015-09-21 20:21:09] [THINK] Cluster Status: closed
[2015-09-21 20:21:09] [THINK] WebSocket Status: closed
[2015-09-21 20:21:09] [THINK] File Auto Reload: true
[2015-09-21 20:21:09] [THINK] App Enviroment: development

Access Project

Open your browser and go to If you are in a remote machine, you must replace with your remote machine's IP.